Chicago's problems are Obama's problems
Fox News's Wayne Allyn Root says the state of the city is an apt narrative for describing what's wrong with the president's agenda.

November election rests on Rust Belt
The Daily Beast's Joel Kotkin says continuing recovery in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin might buoy President Obama's chances in November.

After SCOTUS decision, whither healthcare reform?
Salon's Steve Kornacki discusses the possible responses to the striking of the individual mandate.

Faith a beneficial presence in politics
National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks the entrance of religious believers into political debates is good for the cause of freedom.


Verdict reached on Arizona immigration law

The Supreme Court tossed most of the measure, but upheld its most controversial provision, The Hill's Sam Baker and Jonathan Easley report.

No healthcare decision until Thursday
The court won't announce judgment until later in the week, The Hill's Elise Viebeck reports.