I am down on John Roberts
Red State’s Thomas Crown argues the process used to achieve the Supreme Court’s healthcare result today is frightening.

What did the Supreme Court decide?
Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin takes a look at the Commerce Clause and taxing power in the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision.

CNN can’t even do breaking news right anymore

Alex Pareene at Salon criticizes the cable news network for wrongly reporting the Supreme Court had struck down the healthcare law’s individual mandate.

Supreme Court puts limits on the Commerce Clause. But will it matter?
Brad Plumer at Wonkblog explores the questions surrounding Chief Justice Roberts’s majority opinion that seems to place new limits on the Commerce Clause.


Supreme Court backs healthcare law in vindication for Obama
The Supreme Court voted to uphold Obama’s healthcare law in a 5-4 decision, The Hill’s Sam Baker reports.

Romney: Healthcare ruling will raise taxes
Mitt Romney said the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling would put a burden on American people, including raising their taxes, The Hill’s Justin Sink reports.