Justice Roberts—tragic figure
The Corner’s Victor Davis Hanson argues that with the news surrounding John Roberts’s recent healthcare opinion, the Chief Justice is starting to look like a character from a Greek tragedy.

Racial politics thicker than justice
Townhall’s Star Parker writes that the Congressional Black Caucus’s reaction to last week’s vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt was about racial politics.

The backlash begins: States start opting out of Medicaid expansion

Sarah Kliff at Wonkblog writes about Florida’s and South Carolina’s decisions to opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion.

The stupid tax debate versus talking about the benefits of Obamacare

Jed Lewison at the Daily Kos argues that more time should be spent discussing the benefits of ObamaCare than fighting Republican nonsense.


House to prohibit IRS from implementing healthcare law

The House will pass legislation blocking the IRS from receiving money from the Department of Health and Human Services to implement healthcare reform, The Hill’s Pete Kasperowicz reports.

Poll: Independent voters want GOP to stop fighting health law
A new poll suggests the majority of independents voters support moving on to other issues following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the healthcare law, The Hill’s Sam Baker reports.