A leaking court
The New Republic's Jack Goldsmith suspects that one of the Supreme Court justices was the source for the report on John Roberts's vote switch — and that it could bode poorly for the judicial branch.

Was it Thomas?

ThinkProgress' Ian Millhiser has a hunch that Clarence Thomas may have been the leaker, based on his strong relationship with CBS News's Jan Crawford.

How to attack Obama on foreign affairs

National Review's Victor Davis Hanson offers 10 overseas issues Mitt Romney would do well to hit the president on.

The Bain of Mitt's existence?
Salon's Steve Kornacki thinks critiquing the Republican candidate's private sector days is looking like a good strategy for Obama.


In wake of ruling, Dems rake it in
The DCCC had its biggest day of grassroots fundraising ever, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.

White House awaits June jobs data

Momentum for President Obama over the past few weeks could be stalled by poor economic findings, The Hill's Peter Schroeder reports.