Social Security, Medicare biggest parts of deficit equation

TownHall's John Stossel says that, though an unpopular idea, freezing or severely curbing growth in spending on the two programs would be among the most effective ways to balance the budget.

Death of the welfare state has been greatly exaggerated
The Atlantic's Matthew O'Brien finds that countries with large social safety nets haven't been sacrificing economic growth for economic security.

Romney needs to get specific
National Review's Victor Davis Hanson suggests concise but detailed plans from the GOP contender could put Obama on the defensive.

ThinkProgress' Pat Garofalo points out that, contrary to what many on the Right might believe, the average federal tax rate is at a 30-year low. 


Romney criticizes Obama at NAACP convention
Romney argues his presidency would see greater progress for African-Americans, The Hill's Jonathan Easley and Alicia M. Cohn report.

Sebelius encourages participation in Medicaid expansion
The Health and Human Services secretary is urging governors to adopt the optional provision of the Affordable Care Act, The Hill's Sam Baker reports.