Obama's foreign policy endangers the country
Red State's Reince Priebus says the president has emboldened America's enemies with his "flexible" approach to Cuba, Venezuela and others.

The trouble with Bain

Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald talks to a Washington ethics watchdog about the potential legal ramifications of Mitt Romney's disputed filings.

Condi is a distraction

Alternet's Adele M. Stan argues the Romney campaign is interested in diverting attention from the Bain controversy, not picking the former secretary of State as a running mate.

Obama helped by public's cynicism

Townhall's Scott Rasmussen thinks part of the reason President Obama continues to do well in polls, despite the weak economy, is that many voters don't think things will necessarily improve under either candidate.


Palin: Rice's abortion views not a barrier to VP slot
The 2008 veep candidate says pro-choice stance not a deal-breaker for joining the Republican ticket, The Hill's Alicia M. Cohn reports.

Lower levels of youth enthusiasm could hurt Obama
A poll finds fewer young people plan to vote in this election, The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports.