No new break in Bain timeline story

Commentary’s Alana Goodman argues that while Mitt Romney should release more tax returns, the Bain Capitol timeline story is getting old.

Romney still reaps huge profits from Bain’s vulture capitalism
The Nation’s John Nichols argues the debate over when Mitt Romney left Bain Capital hardly matters, because Romney still remains one of the prime beneficiaries of every Bain decision.

Bad news: The Obama bridal registry not as popular as you’d imagine
Hot Air’s Ed Morrisey criticizes the Obama campaign’s attempt at fundraising through event registries.

Mitt Romney’s double life
Slate’s William Saletan writes that the mystery of Romney’s time at Bain Capital captures his “essential fluidity.”


GOP leaders slam the door on carbon taxes
Some of the most powerful Republicans on Capitol Hill say advocates who have been discussing a carbon tax are wasting their time, The Hill’s Ben German reports.

Team Obama to Romney: Prove it with Bain meeting minutes
President Obama’s campaign said Mitt Romney should provide minutes from Bain Capital meetings to prove he left when he said he did, The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports.