Why mass shootings are different
The New Republic's Amy Sullivan says that, thanks to the NRA, the policy discussions that happen after terrorist attacks, natural disasters or industrial accidents don't occur after gun violence.

The Obamacons: Where are they now?

The American Conservative's Michael Brendan Dougherty checks in with some of the conservatives who supported Obama in 2008, and finds them with mixed feelings on both major party candidates.

Not all politics is entirely local
The Atlantic's Derek Thompson explores why national economic trends matter more than the much-hyped numbers from the swing states.

Tax the dead, subsidize the living

Red State's Daniel Horowitz argues the debate in Washington over agriculture subsidies and the estate tax illustrates the harm government intervention does to the economy.


Obama will visit Israel if reelected
The President plans to travel to the country if he wins a second term, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Clinton announces new AIDS funding

The Secretary of State unveils $80 million in new funds to combat the disease at the International AIDS Conference, The Hill's Elise Viebeck reports.