Firing back

The Washington Times columnist Emily Miller argues that stricter gun control will leave Americans unarmed and lone gunmen like Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes, unchallenged.

Dial 1 for legal assistance
National Public Radio's Philip Reeves reports on charges filed against former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson in the latest update on the now-defunct news tabloid's phone-hacking scandal.

Pivoting in circles

The Weekly Standard's Ellen Bork is skeptical of the Obama administration's promise to create a "pivot" in Asia to promote democracy and human rights.

Putting a price on politics

The New Republic's Andrew Kirtzman writes about former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's (R) new fiscal attraction to the private sector.


White House warns of $1,600 tax hike on 114M middle-class families
White House says congressional inaction could cause an average of $1600 in tax hikes to 116 million American middle class families, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.

GOP: Vulnerable Democrats will back healthcare law repeal vote
According to House Republicans, public displeasure surrounding the Affordable Care Act will push Democrats in tough reelection bids to support repealing the healthcare law, The Hill's Elise Viebeck and Russell Berman report.