Same-sex marriage no longer a wedge
The Daily Beast's Eleanor Clift says the inclusion of gay marriage in the Democratic Party platform might indicate the issue is fading as a campaign driver.

Romney is not in shambles
Hot Air's Erika Johnsen writes that despite the media's narrative, Mitt is no innocent abroad.

Romney's favorite books and the conservative case on inequality
The Atlantic's Garance Franke-Ruta explains the link between two frequently-cited tomes and the comments the candidate made in Israel on culture explaining differences between Israel and Palestine.

Missing Milton
Fox News' Stephen Moore marks the 100th birthday of the economist Milton Friedman, and wishes he was still around to critique Obama's policies.


Shutdown deal reached
House and Senate leadership agrees on plan to maintain funding levels for six months after Oct. 1 deadline, The Hill's Erik Wasson reports.

Rep. LaTourette to retire
The nine-term Republican cited the toll of partisanship in announcing his decision, The Hill's Russell Berman and Cameron Joseph report.