Selling sequestration

Slate's William Saletan evaluates the Obama administration's latest campaign ad calling Romney out for not supporting cuts in military spending.

'Green-on-blue' makes red

Mother Jones's Tom Engelhardt reports on a startling trend among Afghan soldiers who choose to turn their weapons on the U.S. and NATO allies training them to defend themselves in a post-occupation Afghanistan.

For the love of gaffe

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin writes about why some gaffes aren't worth the distraction they inspire.

True blue v. too blue

The Weekly Standard's Irwin Stelzer argues why Obama shouldn't run on a record vastly different from his own, and just how and where former President Clinton and the current commander in chief differ.


Ethics committee finds Rep. Laura Richardson guilty on seven counts
The House Ethics Committee found the California Democrat guilty of seven counts of violating the chamber's ethic policy in relation to her campaign, The Hill's Jordy Yager reports.

Obama hammers Romney tax plan as benefiting the wealthy above all

President Obama accused presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney Wednesday of supporting a tax policy that would benefit the wealthy at the expense of middle-class families, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.