Obama losing voters
RedState's Dan Spencer says more 2008 GOP ticket supporters are returning to the fold than supporters of President Obama and Vice President Biden, posing a problem for the president's campaign.

Democrats aren't watering down anyone's voting rights

The New Republic's Alec MacGillis dismisses Republican claims about an early voting lawsuit in Ohio.

Calling Obama's bluff not a good strategy

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey disagrees with a call for Romney to demand President Obama release college records in return for tax returns.

GOP was wrong to minimize right-wing extremism threat

ThinkProgress's Annie-Rose Strasser points out that the Sikh temple shooting is Wisconsin fits the profile for domestic terrorism the Department of Homeland Security published in 2009 to heavy Republican criticism.


Romney blasts Obama for 'gutting' welfare reforms
The GOP contender says in a new ad the president is undoing measures enacted during the Clinton administration, The Hill's Mike Lillis reports.

White House fast-tracks alternative energy projects

The wind and solar projects will produce enough energy for 1.5 million homes, The Hill's Zack Colman reports.