Wealth redistribution

The Atlantic's Derek Thompson says the Ryan budget would raise taxes on the poor and cut them massively for the wealthy.

A study in contrasts
National Review's Conrad Black believes that, with the selection of Ryan for VP, Romney has made this election a once-in-a-generation policy contest.

Winning the Catholic Vote
The Daily Beast's Deal W. Hudson lays out a blueprint for how the GOP ticket, despite criticism of the Ryan budget from church leaders and members, could appeal to Catholic voters.

Time travelers, drug dealers and blood drinkers
Mother Jones' Gavin Aronsen offers a rundown of a few of the more than 400 people not named Romney or Obama who are running for President.


Polls show lackluster support for Ryan
A poll released Monday finds Americans are less enthusiastic about Paul Ryan than any VP nominee since Dan Quayle, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.

Romney hits Obama on Medicare
The candidate told a crowd in Florida that ObamaCare hurts the entitlement program, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.