I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

David Sirota at Harper's magazine uses a situation involving the Denver Post to exemplify an increasingly unhealthy, and biased, relationship between newspapers and politicians.

Just the facts

Foreign Policy's Stephen M. Walt discusses recent gaffes in political journalism and calls for greater consequences for these and all moments of carelessness, lest the country's security and integrity be put at risk.

Rational ignorance

The Daily Caller's Matt Labash provides a self-stylized 'rant' on why not to vote — or care — in November.

Neutralize the enemy

Talking Points Memo's Brian Beutler analyzes how Mitt Romney's Medicare plan would cut benefits for seniors and how his campaign is trying to spin this against Obama.


McCaul still the richest in Congress
Republicans continued this year to dominate The Hill's rankings for wealthiest lawmakers, The Hill's Kevin Bogardus and Megan R. Wilson report.

Iran has new missiles

The upgrades are a "deterrent" to nearby threats, including Israel, The Hill's Carlo Muñoz reports.