Israelis don't care about Yoder's disrobed dive in the divine lake

Foreign Policy's Ron Kampeas describes the Israeli response to Politico's Sea of Galilee story earlier this week: a collective yawn. 

Rapists sometimes seek custody of the children they forcefully father -- and get it
Jezebel's Doug Barry deplores the unintended consequences of the legal system's approach to the bizarre circumstance, made worse by making abortion illegal.

Tell me what I would like to buy

Reason's Greg Beato grimaces at the new face of advertising in a world of Facebook, shuffling privacy settings, and creepily soothing, Terminator-voiced commercial narrators.

The Good Samaritans of the corporate and gliteratti worlds

Human Events's John Hayward mocks a recent New Yorker article's assumption that Obama and all of his donors are acting on purely altruistic motives, having foregone any form of self-interest.


Obama campaign reinforcing women as a central issue

The reelection campaign is capitalizing on the firestorm caused by Akin's remarks, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports.

Jewish Democrats miffed over Ron Paul tribute at GOP convention

The National Jewish Democratic Council released a statement railing against the retiring congressman's relationship with the Romney campaign, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.