Another day, another DNC Nazi reference
Commentary's Alana Goodman is counting Democrats' use of Nazi comparisons this week.

Is the venue change good for Obama?
The New York Times's Andrew Rosenthal writes at Taking Note that "the move indoors is a blessing in disguise."

Five OMG moments at the DNC
CNN's Dorrine Mendoza reports on what she calls non-news "OMG" convention moments, including cat lovers for Obama.

No comment from Romney on Michelle Obama
Mitt Romney did not watch the first lady's convention speech, reports The Washington Post's Rachel Weiner.


Dems move Obama to smaller venue
The Democratic National Convention decided to move President Obama's speech indoors on Thursday night due to possible rain, reports The Hill's Emily Goodin and Amie Parnes.

Dems reinstate language on God, Jerusalem in platform
In a confusing vote, Democrats decided to reinstat language in their party platform just two days after the platform's release, reports The Hill's Julian Pecquet and Pete Kasperowicz.