Bill Clinton gives us nostalgia for what we never had
Bill Clinton's speech brought Americans back to the last era of optimism, Zack Beauchamp writes while guest-blogging for Alyssa Rosenberg's Thinkprogress blog.

Family Research Council says Starbucks' support for marriage equality led to billions in losses
The Right Scoop highlights criticism by the head of the Family Research Council on the National Organization for Marriage's boycott of Starbucks.

GOP Rep: Government-issued student loans put U.S. on 'slippery slope' toward Holocaust
David Taintor of TPM highlights a report of a Republican congressman from Maryland suggesting federal student loans are the beginning of an undesirable slippery slope.

Pentagon attacked by computer virus
The Pentagon was attacked by a computer virus that destroys documents, Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon reports


Trumka leaving Charlotte ahead of Obama's acceptance speech
The head of the AFL-CIO left the Democratic National Convention ahead of President Obama's speech, The Hill's Kevin Bogardus reports

Pro-Romney groups go dark in Michigan
Conservative groups backing Mitt Romney have stopped airing ads in Michigan, according to The Hill's Alexandra Jaffe.