Chicago teachers make more than the national average
The Washington Post's Dylan Matthews crunches the numbers and finds Chicago public school teachers have a median income above the national average.

Red lines
The Obama administration seems unwilling to define a "red line" from which, if crossed, it would attack Iran, according to The Monkey Cage's James Fearon.

The S-word
Andrés Martinez at the New America Foundation's Delve into '12 blog offers evidence suggesting that the Obama administration has taken a "Don't ask, don't tell" approach to touting the American Recovery Act. 

Get your Arnold Kling fix
Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution picks up a guide to online education by Arnold Kling. 


Obama: Romney has 'tendency to shoot first and aim later'
President Obama weighed in on criticism lobbed his way by Mitt Romney over attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Defense hawks urge continued US support to Libya after tragedy
Senate defense hawks said the United States would be dishonoring the memory of those killed in the embassy attacks if the United States stopped sending aid to Libya, according to The Hill's Ramsey Cox.