Romney defines 'middle income' as $200,000-$250,000 and less

Mitt Romney's definition of middle-class income as "$250K to $200K and less" proves he's out of touch with voters, argues's Jillian Rayfield.

Press endangers private citizen to hide Obama's Middle East failures

The Obama administration is setting its sights on Sam Bacile as a scapegoat of the attacks in Libya and Egypt, writes Ezra Dulis on Breitbart.

Opinion: Soda 'ban' puts Bloomberg to the left of Obama on regulations

By passing the NYC soda "ban," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) gives Obama a run for his liberal money, according to Justin Krebs.

Three universities get terrorist threats, two evacuate campuses

A string of bomb threats at universities could be linked to al Qaeda, writes Ed Morissey at Hot Air.


White House says 'no intelligence’ could have been acted on to prevent attacks

The White House denied accusations that it mishandled Libyan intelligence, reports The Hill's Jonathan Easley.

Chicago teacher strike: Negotiators agree to 'framework' to end strike

Negotiators on both sides of the Chicago teachers union strike announced a "framework" of an agreement Friday, according to Tammy Webber and Don Babwin of The Associated Press.