California asks Hollywood to help sell ObamaCare in TV shows

The Hollywood sitcom industry will soon become a stage for “ObamaCare” propaganda, argues Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Romney campaign to Politico: Over here! Shiny thing!

In the face of probable defeat, the Romney campaign has begun to point fingers, writes Crooks and Liars's Karoli.

Five SCOTUS cases that could be overruled in a Romney court, And five that could be overruled under Obama

The winner of the 2012 presidential election will play a decisive role in the formation of the Supreme Court, suggest Thinkprogress's Ian Millhiser and Adam Peck.

2016 watch: Santorum to Iowa
A planned visit to Iowa on Sept. 20 is sparking speculation that Rick Santorum is getting ready to run for president in 2016. Christian Heinze at GOP 12 has more.


Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown in two new polls

Perhaps helped by the Democratic National Convention, Elizabeth Warren has started to pick up momentum in the Massachusetts Senate election, according to The Huffington Post's Mark Blumenthal.

Dempsey: 'Insider' attacks pose serious threat to Afghan war effort, drawdown

Insider attacks by Afghan forces threaten both the American war effort and President Obama’s 2014 pullout date, reports The Hill's Carlo Muñoz.