The problem with the Institute for Peace
One of Washington's newest think tanks has goals strikingly similar to the State Department's, according to The American Conservative's Jordan Bloom.

Why are the rich so damn angry?
Most of the 47 percent of Americans who do not pay income taxes are very poor or elderly or families with low incomes, argues Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

Port strike update: Talks resume, Occupy roots for chaos
Michelle Malkin, at her blog, writes about a "potentially ruinous" longshormen's strike along the East Coast. 

30 seconds after denying court is politicized, Scalia says Democrats do ‘not stick to the text’ of the Constitution
Right before engaging in a political diatribe, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia refuted claims that the high court had become politicized, Ian Millhiser writes for Think Progress


Akin's real deadline to withdraw from Senate race earlier than expected
As the deadline nears, legal provisions are making it increasingly difficult for Republicans to push Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) to drop out of the race for Sen. Claire McCaskill's (D-Mo.) Senate seat, reports The Hill's Alexandra Jaffe

Russia terminates USAID activities amid Kremlin crackdown on foreign groups
The Kremlin has suspended all USAID action in Russia, according to The Hill's Julian Pecquet.