Chick-Fil-A pulls plug on anti-gay donations

The popular food chain will back out of the limelight as it promises to stop “supporting organizations with political agendas,” and is welcomed back to Chicago, says Alexander Abad-Santos of The Atlantic Wire.

Food stamp recipients doubled … because of Obama
According to Hot Air’s Ed Morissey, President Obama’s ‘failed stimulus plan’ has caused 2 million more people in the United States to receive welfare and food stamps in a span of two years.
Ann Romney tongue-tied about women in poverty
Ann Romney’s views on motherhood contradict her husband’s recent statements about those working in "untaxable labor," says Slate’s Amanda Marcotte.
GOP paints Obama as ‘redistributor’
The Romney campaign attacks President Obama saying he won’t be creating jobs, he’ll be spreading the wealth — and he can’t even do that correctly, according to Pat Garofalo of ThinkProgress.


Sen. Scott Brown reiterates support for Romney

After distancing himself from Mitt Romney following the release of the GOP nominee’s now famous "47 percent" comments, the Massachusetts senator confirmed he "absolutely supports Romney," The Hill’s Cameron Joseph reports.
Democrats likely to remain in control of Senate
After highly controversial and publicized remarks from Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), many voters are starting to lean Democratic, report The Hill's Cameron Joseph and Alexandra Jaffe.