United States of O-Merica: President relies on cult of personality in tight election

President Obama has been building a cult of personality comparable to fascist leaders throughout history, argues Ben Shapiro at
Er, did Harry Reid just campaign on the Senate floor?

During a Senate session this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) took time to chastise Mitt Romney yet again for his tax secrecy, writes Erika Johnsen of Hot Air.

The new price of American politics

Money has begun flooding into the political area and, according to attorney Jim Bopp, that’s exactly what needs to happen, says James Bennet of The Atlantic.

GOP candidate wants to eliminate Department of Energy because he saw officials 'sitting there reading books'

A Republican congressional candidate in North Carolina wants to eliminate the Department of Energy because he said he saw staffers "sitting there reading books and reading magazines," writes Scott Keyes for Thinkprogress.


Libya attack shows effort to close Gitmo should be abandoned, says Inhofe

After learning that Sufian bin Qumu, a former Guantánamo Bay detainee, was reportedly involved in the attack against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Sen. James Inhoffe (R-Okla.) claims that Gitmo should not be closed Libya. The Hill's Carlo Muñoz has more.

Ryan assures House Republicans: 'We are going to win this thing'

Paul Ryan sought to energize his Republican House colleagues Thursday, urging them to ignore the controversy of the day, reports The Hill's Russell Berman.