Media malpractice
Red State’s Erick Erickson argues that the media is unfairly targeting conservatives rather than objectively reporting on issues.

What happened to civil liberties?
The American Conservative's Jack Hunter says President Obama has made decisions that have denied individuals their civil liberties.

The painful truth about affirmative action
The Atlantic's Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. argue that the academic community has been ineffective in reforming affirmative action programs to benefit minority students.

America doesn’t need healthcare rationing
Salon’s Michael Lind says the nation can solve the problem of rising healthcare costs if the federal government regulates prices. 


Pennsylvania voter ID law to die another day
Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. shelves a state law that required Pennsylvania voters to show identification before casting a ballot.

Speaker Boehner uses Rove-like strategy to hold House majority
John Boehner (R-Ohio) shifts focus to “orphan districts” to secure congressional seats in the House.