Presidential debate BINGO
Adam Weinstein and Tasneem Raja of Mother Jones provide an entertaining way to watch the presidential debate for those with low expectations for the candidates.

A few debate questions that President Obama won't be asked
The left-leaning moderator of the first presidential debate will try to paint Mitt Romney as a "scary extremist" and "greedy capitalist pig," says Michelle Malkin.

Hannity goes into ‘Al Gore Preacher Mode’ over old Obama video
Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson dig up the past and accuse Obama of "whipping up racial hatred and fear" in a 2007 speech, according to Michael Lester of Talking Points Memo.

The 'October Surprise" happened last month
The recent arrest of an anti-Muslim filmmaker deserves the media spotlight instead of the much-anticipated political gaffes, says the Red State.


Romney floats limits on deductions
Just before the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney reveals a proposal that would put a $17,000 limit on individual tax deductions, reports The Hill’s Justin Sink and Peter Schroeder.

Barney Frank signs with William Morris
As Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) approaches retirement, he issues a statement saying he plans to "stay in the national conversation," and to write a book, according to The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe.