Why deduction caps are a great idea
At Reuters, Felix Salmon explains why he is a fan of Mitt Romney's proposal for capping tax deductions. 

The problem last night was not just Obama
Victor Davis Hansen at National Review's The Corner explains what exactly was wrong with President Obama's performance during the first Republican presidential debate Wednesday night.

Why didn't Obama mention '47 percent' in debate?
Daily Intel's Dan Amira highlights some of the "nonsensical" explanations Democrats gave for Obama not attacking Mitt Romney on his "47 percent" comment during the debate.

There was almost a coup in Kyrgyzstan yesterday, but no one knows
Nobody seems to have noticed that a coup almost occurred in Kyrgyzstand on Wednesday, Walter Russell Mead writes at his Via Meadia blog.


Obama campaign: Adjustments will be made in strategy following dismal debate
The Obama campaign said adjustments would be made to Obama's debate strategy, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports

PBS calls Romney misguided, says his proposed cuts would devastate service
PBS issued a critical response to Romney's promise during the debate that, if elected, he would cut funding to the public television network, according to The Hill's Erik Wasson.