Why today’s BLS jobs numbers make no sense

RedState’s Daniel Horowitz takes issue with the most recent unemployment report.

Romney on 47 percent: Who’s sorry now?

Mother Jones’s David Corn writes that Mitt Romney has now back tracked on his 47 percent comment.

Milbank: Debate debacle the price for Obama’s refusal to engage press

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey argues that President Obama is not used to having his wisdom challenged, which might explain his performance at the first presidential debate.

Foreign-owned subsidiary’s million-dollar contribution to Romney super PAC raises red flags

Daily Kos’s Timothy Lange (Meteor Blades) explains why the contribution is not entirely legal.


Obama pounces on job numbers: “We are moving forward again”

President Obama is using the drop in the unemployment rate as a reason for his reelection, according to The Hill’s Jonathan Easley.
CBO reports deficit was $1.1 trillion in 2012

The government’s 2012 budget deficit is officially at $1.1 trillion, the fourth year running under President Obama, reports The Hill’s Erik Wasson.