If the election were held today, Mitt Romney would win
Red State’s Erick Erickson says American minds have been changed after the debate.
Can Romney sustain his post-debate bounce?
Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey examines whether Mitt Romney’s debate win will give him the win he needs on Election Day. 

More conservative tough talk on foreign policy from Mitt Romney, no new ideas
Daily Kos’s Timothy Lange (Meteor Blades) writes that Mitt Romney brought nothing new to the table on foreign policy in his speech at the Virginia Military Institute on Monday.

Moderate Mitt isn't so moderate
Ezra Klein at The Washington Post says n one should be deceived by Mitt Romney's perceived move to the middle.

Romney knocks Obama for ‘abrupt withdrawal’ of troops from Iraq
Mitt Romney attacked President Obama over troop withdrawals from Iraq, claiming that the gains America has made are being eroded, The Hill’s Jeremy Herb reports.
Panel recommends banning China’s ZTE, Huawei from US market
Two Chinese telecommunication firms have been deemed a national-security threat to the United States, The Hill’s Brendan Sasso reports.