Missing in action: Stimulus Sheriff Joe Biden
Instead of policing federal spending of taxpayer dollars as promised, Vice President Biden has gone completely AWOL on oversight, says Michelle Malkin.

Paul Ryan says Obama not 'proposing more gun laws'
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre has said Paul Ryan is the “only hope to save our firearms freedom and our way of life,” but the GOP vice presidential nominee downplayed the endorsement, writes Slate’s David Weigel.

Private doctors overwhelmingly back Romney
The Affordable Care Act puts up roadblocks for doctors, pushing them to back Mitt Romney, according to Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen.

Chavez proves democracy isn’t enough
Critics of Hugo Chávez say that Venezuelan democracy "isn’t the real thing" and isn’t proof of what actual democracy can do, writes The Atlantic’s Clive Crook.


Chaffetz accuses State Department of revealing classified information
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) claimed American lives were being put at risk by making classified photographs public, reports The Hill’s Julian Pecquet.

Jamie Dimon: I don't mind paying higher taxes to help solve economic crisis
According to the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, Washington is "completely mishandling the looming fiscal cliff," and he’s happy to help out, reports The Hill’s Peter Schroeder.