Five crazy things Paul Ryan Actually Believes

Unlike Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan has stood firmly behind his offensive and highly unpopular views, Sally Kohn of Salon argues.

Obama campaign blames Romney/Ryan for Libya 'circus'

According to Breitbart's Ben Shapiro, the Obama campaign’s habit of casting blame is representative of the same irresponsibility that cost lives in Benghazi.

Republicans reveal location of secret CIA base during House hearing on Libya attacks

At ThinkProgress, Ben Armbruster suggests that Republicans on the House Oversight Committee disclosed classified information during the Benghazi hearing.

There’s one abortion extremist in this race: The president

Libby Sternberg of HotAir writes that Obama has failed to protect women’s healthcare rights because he has not protected female infants born after failed abortions.


Obama gets a boost after Gallup tweaks polling methodology

According to Jonathan Easley of The Hill, President Obama is experiencing a job approval rating spike possibly because of a shift in polling strategy. Read Easley's report here.

Issa sees 'legitimate questions' about job report but has no plans for hearing

Despite doubts about the most recent unemployment figures, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) does not plan to hold a hearing, reports Daniel Strauss of The Hill.