The petulant circus clown drowns out any substance

RedState’s Daniel Horowitz writes Vice President Biden was out of control during the vice presidential debate Thursday. Horowitz adds that voters aren’t going to buy Biden's act.

Is this the most lukewarm Romney endorsement ever?

Mitt Romney picked up another "less-than-enthusiastic" endorsement on the campaign trail from Michael Farris, according to Tim Murphy of Mother Jones.

How does a traditionalist vote?

There may be few options for "traditionalist" conservatives on the ballot this election, but The American Conservative’s Daniel McCarthy says there might still be some ways to pick a candidate.

Romney says people don't die because they lack insurance — here's why he's wrong

At Talking Points Memo, Brian Beutler references several research studies to conclude Mitt Romney's assertion that people don't die because of a lack of insurance is false.


Former CIA chief Hayden slams Biden’s Libya assessment

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, former director of the CIA, linked arms with the GOP in berating Vice President Biden for his comments on Libya, reports The Hill’s Carlo Muñoz.

Panetta acknowledges US has the capacity to wage cyber warfare

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta unveiled a new cybersecurity strategy, also according Muñoz.