Bipartisanship: Both sides complain about next debate moderator

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey explains why both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign have decided to complain about the next debate moderator, Candy Crowley.

Sure, Romney is lying. So What?

Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum analyzes Paul Waldman’s advice for President Obama.

Obama owns shares in Chinese company’s Tony Lee shows that Obama has some of the same investments as Mitt Romney in Chinese companies.

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Daily Kos’s Kaili Joy Gray taunts Mitt Romney for canceling on "The View."


GOP demands Obama plan on debt ceiling

Senate Republicans are questioning how long until the government hits its $16.4 trillion debt limit, The Hill’s Peter Schroeder reports.

Obama to be ‘firm but respectful’

President Obama is looking to come across as more forceful at his second debate with Mitt Romney, according to The Hill’s Amie Parnes.