Sorry, but Mitt Romney’s abortion absolutism is fair game

Mitt Romney has been tailoring his abortion answers to the audience he’s talking to, making him a rightful target for scrutiny, according to Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum.

Peace is the ticket to victory

President Obama and Vice President Biden are "intent" on presenting themselves as the "sole peace party," The American Conservative's Pat Buchanan writes.

How the Democratic base could lose this election for Obama
The Democratic base could end up hurting Obama's chances at reelection, The Atlantic's Clive Crook writes.

Obama's Independent Problem

National Review's Josh Jordan makes the case that Romney can win the presidential race if maintains Independents' support.


Romney's strategy for wining VA.: Ripping Obama on defense cuts
According to The Hill's Cameron Joseph, Romney plans to win Virginia by "blasting" Obama the consequences of Obama's planned defense spending cuts.

Rep. Joe Walsh: Abortion never necessary to save women's lives

On Thursday, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill) stated that because of modern technology, abortions are never necessary to save the lives of pregnant women, Elise Viebeck of The Hill reports.