Left's desperate search for Romney gaffe on bayonets's Joel Pallack argues that the left wing is “desperate” for openings to attack Mitt Romney on foreign policy, when in fact there are none.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin's Erick Erickson believes that Romney exhibited a calm and cool demeanor that deerved more credit than the aggressive approach taken by Obama.

Romney told 24 myths in 41 minutes
At ThinkProgress, Igor Volsky highlights the fabrications and missteps that Romney made during the foreign policy debate last night.

Who knew? Romney agrees with Obama on foreign policy

Romney and President Obama took virtually the same positions during the third presidential debate on Monday with one exception: job creation, argues Mother Jones's Adam Serwer.


Pro-Romney super-PAC launches $18M ad blitz in 10 swing states

A pro-Romney superPAC has rolled out a new, nearly $18 million ad campaign in 10 swing states, The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports.

Biden: Romney proved he is 'not ready to be commander in chief'

Vice President Biden said in an ABC interview that aired Tuesday morning that Romney demonstrated a shallow understanding of international affairs, according to The Hill's Alicia Cohn.