‘Double Standards’? Really?

The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher scolds Andrew Sullivan for noting moments of racism in the Mormon church's history in a blog post about Mitt Romney.

 Is ‘Dreams From My Real Father' backfiring?

Two weeks before the election, Joel Gilbert is mailing millions of his documentary, riffing off the president's book title Dreams from My Father, to undecided voters in swing states, but according to Slate’s David Weigel, it’s not working.
Obama’s hubris will be his undoing

As the election approaches, RedState’s Erick Erickson says that President Obama’s good nature doesn’t change the reality of his quickly declining campaign for the presidency.

Nine advisers who have Romney’s ear

Dana Liebelson and Adam Serwer of Mother Jones report on the nine men who will have Romney's ear should he win the presidency.


Romney stands by Mourdock, won’t ask him to pull down ad
Romney indicated Wednesday that he still supports Richard Mourdock's candidacy for Senate in Indiana even though Romney does not agree with a statement Mourdock made the night before concerning rape and abortion, reports The Hill's Cameron Joseph.
Michelle Obama appears in first TV ad, targets Latino voters

A TV ad released by the Obama campaign featuring Michelle Obama targets Latino voters in key swing states, according to The Hill's Alicia M. Cohn.