An iceberg called Bernanke
The American Conservative’s Charles Hugh Smith argues that the goal of the Federal Reserve to stimulate growth has been counterproductive.

The race is over
Redstate’s Erick Erickson says that no action taken now by either Mitt Romney or President Obama will be influential enough to convince undecided voters.

Why progressives are still worried about voter suppression
The Atlantic’s Molly Ball argues that liberals are more attentive than ever to the potential for forms of intimidation that could suppress voter turnout.

Romney and the Supreme Court
Salon’s David Sirota predicts that if Romney wins, his Supreme Court picks would be a judicial disaster.

FCC orders TV station to air anti-abortion activist Randall Terry’s campaign ads
The Federal Communications Commission said anti-abortion activist Randall Terry was entitled to air ads that insinuated President Obama was sympathetic to violence extremism, reports Brendan Sasso.
Court releases Rehberg accident report
A much-anticipated accident report released today reveals little information about a boating mishap involving Rep. Denny Rehberg in 2009, reports Cameron Joseph.