A more impressive win than in 2008 and a more important one
According to The Atlantic’s James Fallows, President Obama’s reelection holds a lot more weight than it did four years ago, considering the odds against him.

Our disenfranchised troops deserve better
On her blog, Michelle Malkin suggests the Obama administration would have had the resources to address military disenfranchisement if it had not already squandered trillions in taxpayer dollars.

Campaign spending is very poor economic stimulus
Slate’s Matthew Yglesias argues that not only are campaign advertisements annoying to see on television, they also might be hurting our economy.

GOP reaps its surrender of pop culture
At Breitbart, Mike Flynn highlights the role that pop culture played in the downfall of GOP challenger Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Obama wins a second term, calls for national unity in victory speech
Amie Parnes of The Hill writes that after defeating GOP challenger Mitt Romney, President Obama called for unity in his victory speech.
Boehner: Focus on ‘common ground’ to help avoid fiscal cliff
According to The Hill’s Pete Kasperowicz, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is endorsing a bipartisan approach toward avoiding the fiscal cliff. 

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