Is North Africa the new ground zero in the war on terror?'s Awr Hawkins predicts North Africa will become a haven for terrorist groups.

Getting cautious amid the 'fiscal cliff' uncertainty
RedState’s Chris Versace contends that with the presidential elections over, the primary political factor causing the stock market to fluctuate will be the prospect of a "fiscal cliff" deal.

Why did same-sex marriage opponents lose all four referenda?

Slate’s William Saletan gives a play-by-play of the excuses that opponents against same-sex marriages made for losing all four measures on the November ballot.

The usual suspects who will benefit from gutting ObamaCare now want you to worry about ‘disruption’

The Huffington Post’s Wendell Porter argues that the motivation behind the health insurance industry's ObamaCare scare tactics is to prevent any disruption in profits.


With election loss still fresh, GOP struggles to unite on path forward
After disappointing losses in 2012, the Republican Party stands indecisive over the next steps to take, reports The Hill's Niall Stanage. 

World Bank report warns of 'devastating' global warming

A new World Bank report predicts a major temperature rise in 2100 that would bring unprecedented heatwaves, droughts and floods, according to The Hill's Ben Geman.