Ronald Reagan and what I got wrong
Redstate’s Erick Erickson predicts that for the next decade, the Republican politician will embody the ideals and policies of Ronald Reagan.

Rich people complain that fiscal cliff could force them to pay slightly higher taxes
Think Progress’s Aviva Shen says that high-net-worth individuals will not be affected by the "fiscal cliff," but insist on complaining about higher tax rates under President Obama’s plan.

Immigrants against empire
The American Conservative’s Scott McConnell argues that America’s anti-war views can help the right make peace with multiculturalism.

Nineteen percent of Congress is female. Why not half?
Mother Jones’s Kate Sheppard explains the social and cultural reasons for why the gender gap is so wide in Congress. 

Tax fight freezes defense industry out of negotiations over ‘fiscal cliff’
Defense firms desperately want to prevent the $500 billion worth of sequestration cuts, but they’re finding themselves sidelined to the issue of taxes, reports Jeremy Herb. 

Rep. West concedes House race to Murphy
Allen West concedes to Murphy after pressing officials for a recount since Election Day, reports Meghashyam Mali.