Revenge of the reality-based community

The American Conservative's Bruce Bartlett provides a chronological narrative of his shift from the Republican party to the center-left.

Can billions save problems that trillions couldn't?

National Review's David French dismisses the argument that the wealthy are concerned only about their own economic interests and argues that government is the "monster inflicted upon us."

What the war of 1812 can teach us about the fiscal-cliff debate

The Atlantic's Pietro Nivola draws up similarities between political debates leading up to the war of 1812 and the current debates over the national debt.

Why did Asian Americans vote for President Obama?

Slate's Richard Posner lists the main reasons why there was a surge in the Asian American vote for Obama.  


SEC head announces departure, beginning second-term shake-up

Mary Schapiro will retire as chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the middle of December, reports The Hill's Peter Schroeder.

GOP, Dem lawmakers see room for compromise ahead of fiscal cliff

Lawmakers from both parties are showing a willingness to compromise to resolve the impending "fiscal cliff" problem, according to The Hill's Alicia Cohn.