Obama’s arrogant overreach – and the Republican opportunity

Breitbart’s Patrick Caddell writes that the Republicans are going to go off a "political cliff" if the current dynamics on the Hill don’t change.

Arizona governor shocked reporter would ask about climate change before energy speech
Think Progress’s Rebecca Leber says Gov. Jan Brewer (R) should have been prepared for such a question.

The purge of House conservatives continues
Red State’s Daniel Horowitz explains the ramifications of having like-minded members in leadership positions.

John Boehner’s hostage crisis
Mother Jones’s David Corn highlights the pressure Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is under from Tea Party members.


House GOP makes $2.2 trillion debt counteroffer to Obama on cliff
House Republicans have made a counteroffer to President Obama, revealing cuts in spending and entitlement reforms, The Hill’s Russell Berman reports.

Budget gurus to debt negotiators: Get off the Sunday talk shows
While the White House and House Republicans have been posturing on talk shows, the country closes in on the fiscal cliff, The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports.