Hillary Clinton goes back to work
Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin reports Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to work next week, following illness and a concussion.
The Tea Party is still influential
Salon’s Steve Kornacki writes that while the rallies have dwindled, the Tea Party mindset remains strong.
Obama should sidestep Congress
Rena Steinzer and Amy Sinden at the Baltimore Sun say President Obama must turn to executive orders in the face of GOP obstructionism.
Why the House is so divided
Nate Silver at the FiveThirtyEight blog says the House is so polarized because incumbents fear primary opponents more than the voters in their own districts.

House returns for the ‘cliff’
House members will return Sunday for one final year-end push on a “fiscal cliff” deal, reports Daniel Strauss at The Hill.
Acting EPA chief among most likely to succeed Jackson
Ben Geman at The Hill reports on the likely successors to Lisa Jackson, who announced Thursday that she will resign from the top spot at the Environmental Protection Agency.