Crime and economic inequality
Theoretical physicist Mark Buchanan tackles the link between crime and economic inequality in a piece for Bloomberg View.

Campus moneybag
National Review's Katrina Trinko points to college presidents' salaries to argue the Occupy movement would have been smarter to target higher education over Wall Street.

Why the GOP hates Chuck Hagel
Slate's Fred Kaplan says Republican objections to the former senator stem from proxy objections to President Obama, and a resistance to self-reflection on Iraq policy.

Obama's latest crony capitalist
Hit and Run's Ira Stoll says the president's economic policy results in a favored few earning economic breaks.


Supreme Court ruling allows stem-cell research to proceed
The justices' decision comes over the objections of abortion-rights opponents who equate research involving embryonic stem cells with murder, The Hill's Elise Viebeck reports.

Poll: Majority say Obama won 'fiscal cliff' negotiations
Fifty-seven percent said President Obama got more of what he wanted, to 20 percent who say the GOP came out ahead, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.