'Full court press'

J.F. of The Economist's Democracy in America blog asks what the full legacy of Roe v. Wade is.

A few notes on Obama's second inauguration
The New Yorker's David Remnick writes that if President Obama's second inaugural speech is followed by action, it will be considered "among the most important American political addresses of the modern era."

A few Senate Dems who are 'squeamish' on new gun measures

A number of Senate Democrats in competitive states seem a little nervous about passing some of President Obama's new gun measures, according to Greg Sargent.

Obama's questionable decision to use the phrase 'peace in our time'

Thomas Ricks at his Foreign Policy blog picks out the "WTF" moment in Obama's second inaugural address.


Obama's hardline on immigration reform

President Obama subtly drew a hard line on immigration reform in his second inaugural address, according to Bloomberg Businessweek's Elizabeth Dwoskin.

The least interesting about Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is she's Stephen Colbert's sister

Bryce Donovan of the South Carolina Post and Courier profiles Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, candidate for Congress in South Carolina.