Gerrymandering at its finest

The nonpartisan advocacy group FairVote is furious at Virginia Republicans for their latest gerrymandering scheme, according to TPM's Benjy Sarlin.

Biden explains why Obama administration pulled out of Iraq

The Daily Caller’s David Meyers argues the reason President Obama withdrew forces from Iran was so he could boast about his peacemaking efforts.

NRA favorite crosses over

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on Thursday came out in favor of universal background checks for gun purchasers, Greg Sargent reports for The Plumline.

Immigration reform back in the spotlight

At The Blaze, Jessica Zuckerman weighs in on “problem-solving approach” to immigration reform.


Conservatives still not happy with Christie

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola criticized Gov. Chris Christie (R) over pushing a Hurricane Sandy relief package, The Hill's Alexandra Jaffe reports.

Tax hikes help GOP

The Obama administration’s recent tax hikes could help Congress balance the budget, according to The Hill's Bernie Becker and Russell Berman.