Drones targeting Americans abroad raises questions

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey highlights an Obama administration memo arguing the legal case for drone strikes on Americans.

Obama will never please the 'Skeeters'

CNN contributor LZ Granderson says President Obama should stop trying to appease his critics with photographic evidence.

Fixing US foreign relations

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin writes an open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry: "Republicans are rooting for you."

GOP Senators obstruct CFPB

Pat Garofalo of Think Progress notes that 43 senators signed a letter vowing opposition to any new nominee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 


White House playing defense

The Hill's Amie Parnes reports on White House press secretary Jay Carney's defense of the targeting of Americans with drone strikes as "fully consistent" with the Constitution.

Pentagon extends benefits to same-sex couples

The Pentagon will announce later this week that military same-sex spouses will receive some additional benefits. The Hill's Justin Sink reports.