What education reform should look like
James Pethokoukis argues in AEIdeas that the government doesn't do a good job of promoting innovative ideas for education reform.

Carney unable to defend OFA arrangement, hurries away from podium
The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper writes that those who donate $500,000 or more to Organizing for Action will receive special perks, including meetings with President Obama and a seat on OFA's national advisory board.

Don't cry for Karl Rove
Karl Rove went out of his way to thumb his nose at his party's base, writes Michelle Cottle at The Daily Beast.

Jack Lew's golden parachute
The Wall Street Journal calls out President Obama's pick for Treasury secretary for a plum Citigroup deal with an incentive to land a Cabinet job.


The Hill Poll: Pentagon should bear the brunt of deficit cuts
The Hill's Lara Seligman reports on a poll showing more Americans prefer cuts to the Defense Department than to programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Navy warns sequester cuts will put off repairs to a dozen warships
The Hill's Carlo Muñoz reports on how the sequester could delay maintenance work on vessels and an aircraft carrier stationed in Virginia.