Coulter: Maybe Republicans should try being popular
Ann Coulter for Human Events suggest that Republicans should tighten up legislation on the mentally ill in an effort to beat Democrats at the gun control game.

Rand Paul's mixed civil liberties track record
In light of Wednesday's filibuster, Salon's Jillian Rayfield takes a look at his stances on issues other than drones.

Death of the Campaign Book
Slate's John Dickerson takes a look into the history of the campaign book, through Jeb Bush's latest release on immigration.

Shoplifters hiding behind plastic bag ban?
Alyssa Badolato of The Foundry wonders about the unintended effects of Seattle's plastic bag ban.


Sens. McCain, Graham lambast 'ridiculous' drone filibuster by Paul
The Hill's Ramsey Cox and Jeremy Herb report that the two senior GOP members felt Paul "cheapened" the drone discussion.

Carney: Obama heartened by talks with congressional GOP
The president extended an olive branch on Wednesday by meeting with a dozen Republican senators to discuss negotiations, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.