The battle over "the right side of history"
Daniel Larison at The American Conservative writes on the trend of using the "right side of history" cliche as justification for misguided ideological positions.

Gun laws and the suicide epidemic
Stephanie Mencimer and Dana Liebelson of Mother Jones wonder why gun laws don't focus on the growing problem of hand gun suicides.

'Sin taxes' aren't the answer
Hot Air's Erika Johnsen says proposed "sin taxes" unfairly punish law-abiding gun citizens.

We tried austerity and it didn't work
Jamelle Bouie of American Prospect tells conservatives calling for smaller government and more cuts that we already tried it and it didn't work.


Senate Democrats vow to run against Ryan budget in 2014 cycle
The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports that Democratic senators running for reelection will make Rep. Ryan's budget a focus of their campaigns.

Senator tweets about 'very uncomfortable' TSA screening
Sen. McCaskill told her follows about the "aggressive" pat-down she received in-route to her flight, The Hill's Keith Laing reports.