Bobby Jindal slayed 'em at the Gridiron Club dinner

Mary Katherine Ham of Hot Air relays one of the funnier routines of the night by the current Louisiana governor.

Sequester is proof that Washington thinks we are all idiots

Daniel Gross of The Daily Beast writes that we don't need the sequester to make a dent in the deficit — we're already finding other quiet ways to do that.

The Feminine Mystique and feminists' mistake

The Foundry's Collette Caprara wonders if female "liberation" helped lead to the disintegration of marriage.

Rubio: Denying marriage rights to gays 'does not make me a bigot'

Igor Volsky of ThinkProgress believes the Florida senator is stuck in the past with his views on same-sex marriage and rights.


Obama tells Senate GOP he's not setting a trap to win back the House

According to The Hill's Alexander Bolton, the president tried to find common ground with Senate Republicans during Thursday's private meeting.

Jeb Bush asks to be left out of CPAC straw poll

The former governor thinks it's too early to be thinking about 2016 ambitions, The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports.